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The Proposed Global Energy Trading with Ohmaton System Integration

The Proposed Global Energy Trading with Ohmaton System Integration
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In this scenario, we envision the proposed comprehensive energy trading ecosystem facilitated by Powerdohm energy platform.


Leveraging the capabilities of Ohmaton System Transformers kilowatt hour generation, which backs the native value exchange  Pohm cryptocurrency.


Let us explore how subscribers with Ohmaton System Light energy packet receivers IoT devices across various regions nationally and globally engage in decentralised energy trading:


1. Subscriber Setup:


Subscribers worldwide install Ohmaton System Light energy packet Internet-of-Things receivers (IoT) devices at their premises, connecting to the Powerdohm energy platform.


These devices integrate seamlessly with the Ohmaton System Transformers Blockchain via secure 5G signal generators and client devices. Enabling real-time energy monitoring and trading.


2. Energy Trading Platform Access:


Subscribers gain access to the Powerdohm energy platform, where they can monitor their energy consumption. Track kilowatt hour usage, and participate in decentralised energy trading.


The platform provides a user-friendly interface, allowing subscribers to buy, sell, or exchange energy units with other users globally.


3. Demand-Driven Pricing:


The native Pohm cryptocurrency's value per kWh will fluctuate dynamically based on demand and supply factors across different time zones.


During peak demand periods, such as evenings or extreme weather conditions.

The value of Pohm per kWh may increase, incentivising subscribers to sell excess energy at higher rates.


 4. Global Trading Opportunities:


Subscribers can engage in energy trading activities not only within their local regions however also globally.


Time zone differences enable continuous trading opportunities, ensuring liquidity and market activity round the clock.


Subscribers can capitalise on favourable pricing differentials between regions, maximising their returns on energy sales or purchases.


5. Decentralised Trading Execution:


Smart contracts backed by verified kilowatt hour data from Ohmaton System Transformers facilitate decentralised trading transactions.


Subscribers can create custom contracts specifying energy quantity, duration, and price parameters. Ensuring transparent and secure exchanges peer to peer on the proposed platform.


6. Market Participation Incentives:


Powerdohm energy incentivises active market participation through rewards programs and loyalty schemes.


Or engage in energy conservation initiatives, may earn additional Pohm cryptocurrency rewards.


Fostering community engagement and sustainable energy practices.


7. Regulatory Compliance and Security:


The proposed Powerdohm energy platform will adhere to regulatory frameworks governing energy markets globally.

Ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.


Robust security measures, including encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms. Safeguard user data and transactions, providing peace of mind to subscribers.


By leveraging the innovative capabilities of Ohmaton System Transformers and the decentralised energy trading platform with its native value exchange Pohm cryptocurrency.


Subscribers worldwide can participate in a dynamic and transparent energy marketplace.


This scenario illustrates the potential for decentralised energy trading to revolutionise the global energy landscape.


Empowering users to actively engage in sustainable energy practices while maximising economic opportunities.


The Ohmaton System is Powerd Autonomy© 2024.

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Powerdohm Energy Platform DALL·E 2024-03-25 21.20.31 - Design Steam Punk inspired.webp

Pohm VPN DPN Peer-to-Peer Power Trading

Pohm VPN DPN Peer-to-Peer Power Trading
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Powerdohm Design Engineering, where innovation meets sustainability to reshape the future of energy consumption and distribution


Through our proposed ground breaking VPN DPN peer-to-peer power trading Powerdohm energy platform. Powered by the Ohmaton System Transformer and facilitated by the dynamic Pohm cryptocurrency.


We are introducing a new era of energy efficiency and global accessibility.


Our Vision:


Our ambition is to forge a sustainable, efficient, and universally accessible global energy market.


This vision comes to life through our advanced energy trading platform. Enabling real-time electric light energy packet transactions across various regions and time zones.


Our proposed initiatives not only champion energy independence, however, also ensure the seamless integration of diverse energy markets into a unified global ecosystem.


Strategic and Technical Assessment of the Energy Trading Platform:


An in-depth analysis of the innovative energy trading platform leveraging the Pohm cryptocurrency and operating through a Blockchain-based VPN DPN (Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Network).


This platform represents a pioneering approach to energy distribution and trading. Setting the stage for a more sustainable and efficient global energy market.


Technical Assessment:


The proposed platform employs cutting-edge blockchain technology to ensure a secure, transparent, and immutable ledger for energy transactions.


The choice of consensus mechanism will significantly influence the platform's energy efficiency, scalability, and transaction speed.


Given the platform's focus on energy, a Proof of Stake (PoS) or a similar energy-efficient consensus mechanism is proposed to minimise environmental impact, while maintaining high transaction throughput.


Smart contracts automate the trading of electric light energy packets, facilitating immediate, intermediary-free transactions based on pre-established conditions.


This automation is poised to revolutionise energy trading by enhancing transaction efficiency. Reducing costs, and ensuring execution reliability.


Strategic Assessment:


Market Integration and Global Accessibility:


The proposed platform seeks to democratise access to energy trading with its native value exchange cryptocurrency Pohm™.


Backed kilowatt hour electric generation and distribution from Ohmaton System Transformers, on our proposed 5G and Fibre Optic Virtual Private Network Energy Trading Platform.


Enabling direct trading between producers and consumers worldwide, bypassing traditional intermediaries.


This accessibility could revolutionise energy distribution, especially in underserved regions. Aligning with broader financial inclusivity goals similar to those discussed in Alex Gladstein's "Check Your Financial Privilege."


Regulatory Compliance and Adoption Challenges:

Navigating diverse regulatory landscapes and earning traditional market participants' trust poses significant challenges.

The proposed platform will ensure compliance with varying international energy trading regulations and cryptocurrency laws.

Establishing reliability, security, and economic viability is crucial for widespread adoption and to meet the sustainable energy challenge.


Benefits to Seed Investors and Future Clients:

Investors gain early access to a scalable, market-expanding platform with a strong value proposition in sustainable energy distribution.

Future clients, from residential to industrial, benefit from competitive, flexible subscription models that leverage global energy pricing for cost efficiency.


Regional, National, and Global Benefits:

The platform proposes to offer tailored energy solutions across different markets. Contributing to energy independence and integrating disparate energy markets into a cohesive global ecosystem.

This approach promises more stable energy prices, improved supply reliability, and broader access to energy resources.


Fundamentals and Consensus:

The proposed platform's success hinges on its technological robustness, strategic market positioning, and community consensus.

A governance model that reflects the platform's decentralised nature, while ensuring operational efficiency and regulatory compliance will be vital for long-term viability.



The proposed VPN DPN peer-to-peer power trading platform, powered by the Pohm cryptocurrency and the Ohmaton System Transformer. Stands at the forefront of energy and blockchain technology convergence.

By offering a secure, efficient, and inclusive platform for global energy trading. It not only promises to redefine energy market dynamics however, also to advance a more sustainable and accessible energy future.

Powerdohm Energy Platform DALL·E 2024-03-25 21.20.31 - Design Steam Punk inspired.webp
Powerdohm Energy Platform DALL·E 2024-03-25 21.20.31 - Design Steam Punk inspired.webp

Introducing Proof of Work (PoW) Incentives for Electric Power Savings

Introducing Proof of Work (PoW) Incentives for Electric Power Savings
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Central to our sustainability mission is our novel incentive program, designed to reward users for reducing their energy consumption and enhancing network stability.

This proposed program revolves around Electric Power Challenges and Fractional kilowatt hour Rewards. Utilising a low-intensity Proof of Work (PoW) model. 

To encourage and recognise energy-efficient behaviours without significantly increasing the network's energy footprint.

Energy Saving Challenges:

Future participants who exhibit considerable energy savings or aid in stabilising the network. Such as through demand response participation, will be invited to engage in Proof of Work challenges. 

These challenges will be meticulously crafted to be low intensity, ensuring they do not require substantial computational resources.

Example 1: 

Smart Home Energy Savings Challenge:

This challenge motivates future participants to employ smart home devices for energy optimisation, aiming for reduced consumption over a specified period. 

Successful future participants are rewarded with Pohm cryptocurrency, proportional to the energy they save beyond their targets.

Example 2: 

Demand Response Event Participation:

Users who reduce their energy usage in response to the during peak demand times qualify for Proof of Work challenges. 

Completing these challenges earns participants Pohm rewards. Inspiring substantial contributions to the Powerdohm energy platform stability.

Fractional kilowatt hour  Rewards:

Completing PoW challenges earns users Pohm rewards, representing fractions of kilowatt hour saved. 

The magnitude of these rewards directly corresponds with the level of energy efficiency achieved. Motivating users to embrace energy-saving practices.


Subscription-Based Online Communities with Gaming Rooms

Usage Scenario:

In addition to energy trading, Powerdohm energy is projected to introduce subscription-based online communities and gaming rooms on the platform. 

Users can participate in gaming activities that involve earning Pohm coins as a form of proof of work (PoW). 

These proposed gaming rooms offer interactive experiences where users can complete tasks, solve puzzles, or engage in virtual challenges to earn Pohm coins.

Benefits to Stakeholders:

1. Engagement and Participation:


Gaming rooms incentivise active participation among users, encouraging them to interact with the platform regularly.


By earning Pohm coins through gaming activities, users feel more engaged and invested in the community.

2. Proof of Work (PoW) Rewards: 

Users can earn Pohm coins as a reward for their efforts in gaming rooms. Providing them with a tangible incentive to contribute to the platform. 

This PoW mechanism ensures fair distribution of coins and fosters a sense of fairness and equality among users.

3. Platform Growth:

The availability of gaming rooms attracts a diverse range of users. Including gaming enthusiasts and casual players, expanding the platform's user base. 

As more users join the platform to participate in gaming activities, the ecosystem grows stronger, driving increased adoption of Pohm cryptocurrency.

4. Community Building: 

Gaming rooms serve as hubs for community interaction and collaboration, fostering connections among users with shared interests. 

Users can form alliances, compete in tournaments, and collaborate on gaming projects. Strengthening the sense of community within the platform.

Creating Market Trading Platforms with Pohm Cryptocurrency - Ohmaton System Integration

Creating Market Trading Platforms with Pohm™ Cryptocurrency - Ohmaton™ System Integration.
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Creating Market Trading Platforms with Pohm Cryptocurrency Ohmaton System Integration:


The proposed decentralised energy trading platform. Integrates Ohmaton System Transformers to provide verified kilowatt hour data for transactions conducted on its platform.


Let us explore an extended scenario where Pohm cryptocurrency is utilised exclusively for transactions backed by kilowatt hour generation data from Ohmaton System Transformers:




Leveraging The Proposed Pohm Cryptocurrency for Market Trading with Ohmaton Integration:


1. Energy Trading Platform:

Alice, a client user supplied with electricity by the platform, has stored excess energy generated from her subscribed kilowatt hour data units generated from Ohmaton System Blockchain Transformers on the platform. 


She decides to list 1,000 kilowatt hour data units for sale on's Energy Trading Platform.


Each unit's availability and authenticity are verified through the Ohmaton System Blockchain, ensuring transparency and trust in the transaction.


Alice sets the price at 12 pence per kilowatt hour generation data and accepts Pohm cryptocurrency as the preferred payment method.


2. Goods Trading Platform:


Bob, a merchant on's Goods Trading Platform. Sources eco-friendly products powered by renewable energy.


He lists his inventory, with each product's energy footprint verified and backed by Ohmaton System Transformer data.


Customers like Alice can browse and purchase goods using Pohm cryptocurrency, confident in their eco-friendly origins.


3. Services Trading Platform:


Charlie, an energy consultant, offers services to optimise energy efficiency using Ohmaton System Transformer generation and distribution data.


His consultations are tailored to clients' energy usage patterns. Leveraging insights from the blockchain to drive sustainable practices.


Clients pay for Charlie's services in Pohm cryptocurrency, reflecting the value derived from verified kilowatt hour generation data.


4. Real Estate Trading Platform:


Diana, a real estate developer, showcases properties on's Real Estate Trading Platform. Each powered by renewable power energy from Ohmaton System Transformers.


Property listings highlight kilowatt hour data from the blockchain, providing prospective buyers with assurance of energy efficiency and sustainability.


Transactions are conducted seamlessly using Pohm cryptocurrency.




• Exclusive utilisation of Pohm cryptocurrency for transactions backed by verified kilowatt hour generation data from Ohmaton System Transformers.


• Enhanced transparency and trust in energy-related transactions, driving adoption of renewable energy sources.


• Integration of Ohmaton System Transformers ensures authenticity and reliability of kilowatt hour generation data, facilitating efficient commerce.


Promotion of sustainable practices across diverse market trading platforms, fostering a greener economy.




By integrating Ohmaton System Transformers and exclusively utilising Pohm cryptocurrency for transactions. establishes a robust ecosystem for sustainable commerce.


With verified kilowatt hour data from the blockchain, participants can transact securely and confidently. Driving the transition towards renewable power energy adoption and decentralised trading.



Join Us on This Exciting Journey:


Your support and interest in the Ohmaton System fuel our progress.


As we embark on this transformative journey, we welcome you to join us.


Together, we can explore the boundaries of what is possible and shape the future.



The Ohmaton System is Powerd Autonomy© 2024.

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