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About The Founder

About The Founder
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Ralston Olivier Forsman-White, born on October 9, 1968, stands at the pinnacle of engineering, materials science, and technological innovation. Demonstrating that the absence of a conventional educational route does not preclude remarkable achievements.


As the Founder and Director of Powerdohm  Design Engineering Limited, Ralston embodies the spirit of innovation. Using his extensive knowledge and inventive capabilities to position the company at the forefront of the industry.


Throughout his career, which spans more than 25 years, Ralston has occupied crucial roles as a contracted consultant within leading organisations such as ICL - Fujitsu Ltd, Cisco Systems, and ABN AMRO Bank.


His work in these institutions, especially in network protocol design, testing, and the oversight of complex international network implementation projects. Showcases his strategic foresight and exceptional technical skills.


One of the most recent achievements in Ralston's career is his development of a Visual Array Nano Sphere Meta Materials VANSMM™.  For amongst other uses in  insulation paint and coatings under the project with his Holding Company Zwaarte Phoenix Limited, website


This foray into advanced materials research via his Holding Company. Highlights his commitment to improving energy efficiency and thermal management through state-of-the-art material science.


The VANSMM  formulations represent a significant advancement in insulation technology, technically offering unmatched performance across a variety of industrial and commercial settings.


Further illustrating his versatile expertise, Ralston's profound interest in security technology encompasses areas such as data protection, cryptography, and cloud security.


His innovative work in materials development, regulation, and compliance is exemplified by the creation of a product certified Polymeric Glass Ceramic cement and asphalt modification material.


Also including the pioneering Ohmaton Transformer and Ohmaton Brushless DC Motor, which promise new horizons in ecologically sustainable power generation and transportation.


A pivotal area of Ralston's ongoing innovation is his development with Powerdohm. Is of a light energy packets creation and distribution platform, utilising 5G and fibre optic technologies.


This visionary project aims to revolutionise electricity distribution by converting light into stored electric power through photovoltaic conversion.


This technology is especially crucial for enabling reliable electricity access in rural areas and regions with limited infrastructure. Offering a sustainable and efficient solution to one of today's most pressing global challenges.


In addition to his profound contributions to engineering and multi-disciplinary materials science. Ralston has with Powerdohm, ventured into the cutting-edge realm of Blockchain technology.


His innovative approach to leveraging tokenisation and Blockchain platforms. Marks a significant leap forward in the funding, decentralisation, and democratisation of electric power generation and distribution platforms.


This initiative is underpinned by the creation of its native trading Alt-Token, Pohm.


The introduction of Pohm as a cryptocurrency is a testament to Ralston's commitment to harnessing the potential of digital currencies.


To facilitate the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities within the energy sector.


Through this Blockchain-based platform, Ralston with Powerdohm aims to streamline the funding process for renewable energy projects. Thereby enabling greater access to sustainable power solutions across the globe.


This strategic move towards tokenisation and the adoption of Blockchain technology. Is part of Ralston's broader vision to enhance energy efficiency, thermal management, and sustainable power generation.


By integrating these digital innovations with his developments in light energy packet distribution platforms.


VANSMM insulation technologies, and the pioneering Ohmaton Transformer and Ohmaton Brushless DC Motor.


Ralston is setting new standards for ecological sustainability and technological advancement in the energy sector.


The initiative to democratise funding for electric power projects through Pohm reflects Ralston's dedication to addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing the world today.


Including energy access in underdeveloped regions and the global transition towards renewable energy sources.


By leveraging Blockchain technology, Ralston with Powerdohm and the Ohmaton System and Blockchain native Pohm Token. Is not only contributing to the diversification of funding mechanisms for energy projects. However, is also fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future for global energy distribution.


Ralston Olivier Forsman-White's career is emblematic of a relentless pursuit of innovation, environmental stewardship, and the advancement of technology for the betterment of society.

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