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Scenario - Basis of Robust Financial Projections:

  1. Projected Electric Production:

Annual Output: 8.3 GWh from the Ohmaton System Transformer.

  • Daily Output: Approximately 22,740 kWh.

  1. Subscription Revenue Model:

Subscription Fee: £11.00 per home per month at 10 kWh per day.

  • Target Market: 2,273,973 homes.

  • Monthly Revenue: 2,273,973 homes x £11.00 = £25,013,703.

  • Annual Revenue: £25,013,703 x 12 = £300,164,436.

  1. Operational Efficiency and EBITDA Margin:

Assuming operational efficiencies are maximised through innovative technologies and streamlined operations, leading to lower costs.

  • Conservative EBITDA Margin Estimate: 20%.

  • Estimated Annual Earnings (EBITDA): £300,164,436 x 20% = £60,032,887.


Justification and Evidence - Market Demand and Pricing Strategy:

  • Extensive market research into consumer willingness to pay for renewable power energy, competitive analysis, and regulatory incentives for “green energy” adoption support the subscription pricing model.

  • Historical data and trends in renewable energy consumption provide a basis for the projected demand.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Technological advantages of the proposed Ohmaton System Transformer, such as lower maintenance costs and higher energy conversion efficiency compared to existing solutions, justify the assumption of operational efficiency.

  • Precedents from other successful energy companies and start-ups that have achieved similar or higher EBITDA margins through innovation and efficient operations.

Investment in Innovation:

  • Investment in blockchain technology for energy trading reduces transaction costs and increases market accessibility, potentially opening up new revenue streams and improving profit margins.

  • Collaboration with technology partners and R&D investments are available to continuously improve operational efficiency and cost structures.

Regulatory and Fiscal Incentives:

  • Anticipated government incentives for renewable energy projects, including tax reliefs and subsidies, which can significantly improve profitability.

  • The SEIS and EIS schemes provide tax-efficient ways for UK taxpayers to invest, reducing the cost of capital and improving the company's financial sustainability.

Valuation Multiple and Growth Potential:

  • The valuation multiple range of 10x to 15x earnings reflects both the innovative nature of Powerdohm's offering and its significant growth potential in a rapidly expanding renewable power energy market.

Comparable analysis of similar companies in the sector that have achieved high valuation multiples due to their growth trajectory, technological edge, and market positioning.

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