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Capital Strategy for the Ohmaton™ System Transformer Blockchain Initiative

Powerdohm Energy Platform DALL·E 2024-03-25 21.20.31 - Design Steam Punk inspired.webp



Powerdohm Design Engineering Limited is making strides in developing the Ohmaton System Transformer, a pivotal innovation for the Powerdohm energy platform requiring significant initial investment.

To secure the necessary funds, we are deploying a strategic approach to attract investments into our autonomous power generation and distribution project.


We are reaching out to SEIS seed investors and presenting unique subscription models to potential clients, aiming to ensure early participants are deeply engaged in our journey towards transforming the energy sector.

Seed Investment Phase:



Our goal is to gather crucial funding for the first Ohmaton System Transformer's development, including its blockchain, 5G connectivity, and client receiving IoT devices for our innovative light energy packets infrastructure.



-Equity Opportunities:

We invite investments into Powerdohm Design Engineering Limited, offering 5% equity in line with the SEIS and EIS HMRC tax incentive schemes, targeting those passionate about renewable energy and blockchain technology.

-Convertible Notes:

Designed for early investors, these notes offer a path to future equity or tokens at beneficial rates, acknowledging and rewarding the risks taken by our pioneering backers, further sweetened by the SEIS and EIS schemes.

Subscription Pre-Sales:



We aim to draw early client interest through pre-sales of subscriptions, allowing the acquisition of future energy credits at favourable rates.



-Energy Credit Subscriptions:

Clients can secure future electric energy credits through Pohm tokens at a predetermined price, ensuring access to electricity generated by the Ohmaton System Transformer.


This strategy supports both our initial funding and customer base development.


-Tiered Subscription Models:

Addressing diverse energy needs from residential to industrial users, with added benefits for higher tiers such as rate discounts and platform privileges.

Incentives for Investors and Subscribers:


-Early Sign-Up Benefits:

Early participants enjoy reduced rates on Pohm tokens or energy tariffs, incentivising initial engagement.


-Bonus Tokens:

Early backers and subscribers may receive additional Pohm tokens, enhancing the appeal of early adoption.


These tokens are intended for use within the Powerdohm ecosystem or for trading on DeFi platforms.


- Community Engagement:

Valuing stakeholder input, we plan to introduce forums for early investors and subscribers to guide the platform's evolution.

Utilisation of Raised Funds:


Strategic Allocation:


-Technical Innovation and Development:

In collaboration with leading technology firms, we're establishing a blockchain network for energy transactions and foundational power systems, including the integration of 5G technology for efficient energy packet distribution.


- Operational Infrastructure:

Addressing initial operational necessities, from legal frameworks to marketing strategies, ensuring a solid foundation for our initiative.


- Research and Advancement:

Committing to ongoing Research and Development, we aim to refine our technology and operations, maintaining Powerdohm's edge in innovation.

Governance and Transparency:


- Regulatory Compliance:

Our operations will rigorously adhere to regulatory standards, providing a secure and compliant framework for our activities.


- Open Communication:

Regular updates on progress, financial health, and strategic decisions will be shared, fostering transparency with our investors and future clients.

This multifaceted strategy, combining equity, convertible notes, and subscription pre-sales, positions Powerdohm Design Engineering Limited not just to secure essential launch capital, however, also to cultivate a strong community of supporters.

We believe this approach sets the stage for the successful rollout of the Ohmaton System Transformer and sustained growth of the Powerdohm energy trading ecosystem, marking a significant step towards revolutionising the energy sector.

Capital Strategy for the Ohmaton System Transformer Blockchain Initiative
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