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Welcome to Powerdohm

Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions

Powerd Autonomy Who We Are
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Powerdohm Design Engineering was founded to honour Georg Simon Ohms’ pioneering work, combining the words "Powerd and Ohm" with the symbol .

This symbol was believed to represent transformation and balance and has been adopted by the company to symbolise their innovative self-charging technology Ohmaton.

The Ohmaton is a representation of Powerd Autonomy© and is a blend of these two words and true meanings.

Powerdohm solutions use graphene based supercapacitor storage technologies to power Ohmaton Three-Phase Motors and Transformers, to potentially revolutionise the current transportation industry with zero emissions without the need for current plug-in charging methods.

Electric Light Packets Conversion and Storage on Supercapacitors:

One of the key innovations of the Ohmaton System is its utilisation of supercapacitors for energy storage.

Unlike traditional batteries, supercapacitors offer rapid charging and discharging capabilities, high energy efficiency, and extended lifecycle.

This allows the Ohmaton System to efficiently capture excess energy during periods of low demand and release it when needed, ensuring continuous power availability.

Light energy packets converted to stored electricity in supercapacitors are given an identification to authenticate their origin from an Ohmaton System Blockchain.

This process typically involves incorporating unique identifiers or cryptographic signatures into the energy packets during the conversion and storage process.

Here Is How It Will Work:

Cryptographic Signatures:


Each Ohmaton System generates a unique cryptographic signature for the energy packets it produces.

This signature will be embedded into the energy packets during the conversion process, serving as a digital fingerprint that verifies the packets' origin.

Blockchain Authentication:


The cryptographic signature will be stored on the Ohmaton System's blockchain, ensuring transparency and traceability of the energy packets' origin.

When energy is transferred or consumed, the recipient can verify the authenticity of the energy packets by cross-referencing the embedded signature with the blockchain records.

Authentication Protocols:


Standard authentication protocols can be implemented to verify the integrity of the energy packets throughout the distribution and consumption process.

This involves using digital certificates, public-private key encryption, or other cryptographic methods to ensure that only legitimate energy packets are accepted and utilised.

By implementing these measures, the Ohmaton System will provide a robust mechanism for authenticating the origin of energy packets converted and stored in supercapacitors.


This not only ensures the integrity of the energy supply however also fosters trust and accountability within the energy ecosystem.

Electric Light Packets Over 5G and Fibre Optic Internet:

The Ohmaton System leverages cutting-edge communication technologies, including 5G and fibre optic internet, to facilitate seamless data exchange and coordination between distributed nodes.

This high-speed connectivity enables real-time monitoring, control, and optimisation of the entire energy network, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

By harnessing the power of autonomy, secure peer-to-peer energy transfer, advanced energy storage, and high-speed communication technologies, the Ohmaton System represents a paradigm shift in electric power generation and distribution.

Private Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading:


Pohm Cryptocurrency Coin:

Our Electric Power Supply Initiative is powered by our Pohm Cryptocurrency Coin, facilitating private peer-to-peer energy trading.

Clients can access subscription-based electricity services provided by each Ohmaton System, contributing to a sustainable energy future.

Integration with Public DeFi Trading Platforms:

We will integrate with public decentralised finance (DeFi) trading platforms such as Uniswap, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for the Pohm Cryptocurrency Coin.


By bridging private and public trading platforms, we create a dynamic marketplace for sustainable energy investments.

Join us in shaping a sustainable and efficient energy future with the Ohmaton System.

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